October 15: Standardized testing. Freshmen take the ACT Aspire.  Sophomores and juniors take the College Board PSAT/NMSQT.

SCHEDULE for OCT. 15th: Testing will begin at 7:45am and school will be dismissed when testing is completed, approximately 11:30am.  Important: please note that October 15th is NOT a late start.  Testing begins at 7:45am.

WHAT TO BRING: Students should bring their calculator, #2 lead pencils with erasers, and their student ID #.  Consider putting fresh batteries in the calculator. 

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Students should NOT bring cell phones, iPads or other such electronic devices into the testing room.  Students who must bring a cell phone, iPad or other electronic device to school should leave it in their locker or car during the test. If a student brings a cell phone or iPad into the testing room and it makes any noise whatsoever (including vibrating), the student will be asked to leave the testing room and their answer sheet will not be submitted for scoring! Do not bring snacks or drinks, including bottled water, unless approved beforehand for medical reasons.

TWO THINGS STUDENTS NEED TO KNOW: Students will need to know their Prep student ID # and their street address for the test.  Most students have their student ID # on their ASB card or class schedule.  If not, Mrs. Bocek would be happy look it up before October 15th.  Contact her at kbocek@seaprep.org or 206-577-2113 or drop by the Academic Office in room I115 on the first floor of St. Ignatius Hall.  Student ID #s are six-digit numbers with the first two digits being the year of graduation: 18 for freshmen, 17 for sophomores and 16 for juniors.

Students also need to know their street address and how to write it, that is, where to put spaces.  You would be surprised at how many students in this age of email either do not know their street address or think it is written with no spaces the way an email address would be.  Please take a few minutes before standardized testing on the 15th to make sure your student knows how to write his/her street address.

PSAT PRACTICE: Juniors and sophomores received the “Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT” which includes the 2014 practice exam in Collegio the week of September 15th. Students who need another copy can pick one up in the Academic Office, room I115. For additional practice exams, email Karla Bocek at kbocek@seaprep.org. For best results we recommend you set aside three hours and have your sophomore or junior take a practice exam as closely as possible to the conditions of the actual exam.  Set a timer and stick to the allowed time for each section so your student gets used to budgeting his/her time.  

ASPIRE PRACTICE: Aspire sample questions can be found at http://tn.actaspire.org by signing in with a userid of “reading”, “math”, or “science” and the password “actaspire”.

NO MAKE-UP EXAMS will be offered at Prep.  If your sophomore or junior is unable to take the PSAT at Prep on October 15th, email Karla Bocek at kbocek@seaprep.org for instructions on how to find a school offering the PSAT on Saturday, October 18th. It will be up to you to make arrangements with another school for Saturday.


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