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Boys Swimming

Program Philosophy

Our Program is dedicated to providing a fun, supportive atmosphere in which swimmers of all abilities can learn and improve both as athletes and human beings. We truly believe that swimming is a lifetime sport; and that the skills that make a successful swimmer (dedication, sportsmanship, goal setting, time management)directly apply to other facets of life. As a coaching staff we strive to: Promote good physical fitness, foster a sense of unity through individual effort toward a common purpose, build leadership skills and self-confidence, support student development by teaching good time management skills, attention to detail and prioritization.

Swimming is a tough, demanding sport that requires A LOT of hard work. We look forward to providing the necessary guidance so that individuals and the team can accomplish their goals and reach their full potential (while still having some fun along the way...) Roll Prep!

Meet the Coach

Will Lowell is returning for his second season as head coach. Growing up in the Seattle area, Will began his swimming career at age 4 at the Innis Arden Swim Club. He continued on to swim with Cascade Swim Club and at Shorewood High School. Will attended Central Washington University where he swam for two years until the program was regrettably cut. Will has extensive coaching experience in summer league as well as several years coaching professionally for Cascade Swim Club. He has also spent the past two seasons as the assistant coach for Prep's Girls Swim team.









Metro Championships

2008 (Co-ed Swimming)

2003 (Co-ed Swimming)

1997 (Co-ed Swimming)

1996 (Co-ed Swimming)

1995 (Co-ed Swimming)

1994 (Co-ed Swimming)

1993 (Co-ed Swimming)

1991 (Co-ed Swimming)

District Championships

State Championships

2011 - 4th

2009 - 3rd

2008 - 4th

2006 - 5th

2005 - 3rd

1998 - 5th

1997 - 2nd

1995 - 2nd