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The Seattle Preparatory School Theatre Program is designed to enable students to discover their creative abilities while inspiring them to strive for artistic excellence. Our award winning Theatre Program gives students a wide variety of opportunities in the performance and production of live theatre. Our mission strives to achieve the following goals:

  • To produce the highest quality performances we are capable of creating
  • To challenge ourselves with productions that stretch our talents and abilities
  • To encourage students to attain a mastery of the theatre arts
  • To develop a life long appreciation for and involvement with theatre
  • To develop integrity, positive attitude and rigorous work ethic in our company

Students are involved in all aspects of creating theatre both on stage and behind the scenes as performers, directors, designers, builders and crew-members. Each year we produce three major productions: a fall Play, a winter Musical and our Festival of One Acts Play. Students are selected through an audition process for performing and an interview process for directing or being part of the production crew.

Our Drama Club is very active throughout the school year promoting drama activities including performances and special events. Any student who is involved with our Theatre Arts program or has a passion for theatre is welcome to join. We have monthly meetings plus sponsor special events.Drama Students may earn honors and join our Thespian Troupe #7959 as part of the International Thespian Society. Students are eligible to attend and compete at many regional Thespian and theatre events throughout the year. For the past four years our performances at the State Thespian Festival has earned Seattle Prep the "Superior Performance Award". We also have a very active Theatre Arts Booster Group for parents and friends who would like to share their time and talents supporting the program.

Adam Othman, Theatre Director

This year Seattle Prep Drama is doing something completely different and original. We are performing the hilarious, slap-stick comedy, A Pocket Full of Truffles. What makes this show unique is that we started the rehearsal process with “no script”. Inspired by the Italian Commedia dell’Arte street performers, we are developing the script from scenarios and specific character types. In the end, we will have an original scripted play with the Seattle Prep actors creating their own lines, plot details and comedy bits.

A Pocket Full of Truffles tells the adventure and misfortunes of the lovable, comic servant Truffles. Truffles is constantly searching for new employment and. with the assistance of his good friend Scapino, finds six different masters to serve. Truffles faces simple, yet impossible tasks and her own selfishness and foolishness make these crazy situations even worse. Comedy ensues, everything that could go wrong does and in the end, she loses each position.

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