Seattle’s College Preparatory School Since 1891


The arts classes at Seattle Prep create and enable aesthetic perception and experiences through preparation, performance and hands-on creativity. The classes are taught by practicing artists to provide an enriching experience. Through the appreciation and analysis of masterworks, through familiarity with the languages of art, through dialogue and reflection, and through the creation of musical, visual and dramatic pieces, the arts come alive at Prep.

The arts provide tools with which students can perceive music, drama, filmmaking and visual art in terms of beauty. The aesthetic response to art is valuable, as it brings vividness and breadth to experience, and sharpens a student’s grasp of culture. More subtly, the value of aesthetics is that it teaches students how to receive what is presented to them as a gift.

Yearly we have performances and showcases including an arts show, choir concerts, plays, musicals and a festival of student directed one act plays.